SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School – FAQs

When will the SimplyIslam program commence? Where?

The SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School will commence on Saturday 7 August 2021. It will be held at the following address:

Itqan Integrated School
7, Lorong Teknologi C, Taman Sains Selangor, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Are all your lessons conducted in English?

Yes, all our lessons are conducted fully in English, while the Arabic language class is conducted in Arabic and English.

What are the student levels?

The SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School will launch in August 2021 for students in the kindergarten and primary levels. Students currently in private and public schools, between the ages of 6 to 12 will be accepted.

What are the student fees?

Annual School Fee. The annual school fee for 2020/2021 is currently at the following rates. Parent/guardian may also choose to pay via monthly instalments as shown below:



Annual Fee

Monthly Instalments

Preschool - K1 & K2 Levels

RM 3,000

RM 250 / mth x 12

Primary (Standard) - Levels 1 to 6

RM 2,760

RM 230 / mth x 12

Secondary (Form) - Levels 1 to 5

RM 2,760

RM 230 / mth x 12

Fee levels will be reviewed from time to time, and reasonable increases may be expected.


What are the subjects taught?

TThe foundation of SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School lies in its approach of Islamic knowledge through the Prophetic biography and characterﷺ. The program covers the following subject areas.

  • Qur’an – Divine guidance, revelation, significance, tafsir (exegesis), memorisation of verses.
  • Hadith – Collections, significance, codification, study.
  • Arabic Language – Basic & intermediate conversational Arabic, Quranic Arabic.
  • Faith – Tauhid (Unity of God), Attributes of Allah, Pillars of Belief.
  • History of Islam & Prophet Muhammad (s) – Sirah, Islamic Caliphate, Islamic civilisation.
  • Essentials And Practices – Pillars of Islam, solat (prayers), worship.
  • Social Studies, Morals and Ethics – Values, conduct, behaviour, ethics.

The exact areas of study, depth and approach of study will differ from one student level to another.

Is this program the same as KAFA?

In a sense, the SimplyIslam Weekend Islamic School program is like a weekend KAFA as the subjects are similar. However, unlike KAFA, we do not hold any exams, but we do have regular assessments and project work to assess our students.

What is the duration of each class?

Each class will commence at 9 am and ends at 1 pm, with a 20 min break in between. Snacks and refreshments are available for sale.

Is there a DRESS code? Uniform? Hijab?

We do not require our students to wear a specific uniform, primarily because we do not want to burden our students and parents.  At the same time, we welcome the diversity of fashion that our students use to express themselves.  It’s a good learning experience for students to understand the various styles of outfit that are acceptable within Islam.  However, as an Islamic learning centre, we are committed to standards of simplicity, neatness, cleanliness, attractiveness, modesty and good taste.

The MALE students are required to wear clean shirts and long pants that are loose fitting and opaque.

The FEMALE students are required to wear loose and opaque clothing. They are strongly encouraged to wear the hijab clothing, covering their entire body except their face and hands. We are not making the hijab rule compulsory because we cherish the opportunity to explain to our female students the rationale and beauty of wearing such clothing, and getting them to wear the hijab with conviction and understanding.

Do you have Exams?

No, we don’t have exams! But we do have regular assessments and project work to assess our students.

Assessments are an important aspect of our educational program.  Our main objective is the achievement of learning, and assessments are just a means towards this objective.  Assessments are among the measures we take to understand the student's level of comprehension of a subject matter while at the same time providing a compass for our teachers to refine and enhance their teaching methodologies.

The assessments are NOT used to upgrade the child from one level of class to another.

Parents will receive an academic progress report designed to indicate the progress of their child, measured along with Qur'an reading and memorisation targets, benchmarks for Islamic practicals like salat (prayer) and other learning achievement measures.

What if my child is not up to his level in his Islamic Education?

Our students are leveled according to their age (and academic class). In this way, they can be among their peers.  Insha’Allah through our interactive methods of conducting the lessons your child will be able to keep up with the lessons.  We only separate the students during the Qur’an lesson period, so that your child will learn and progress according to his Qur’an reading ability.